Car Engine Repair/Replacement in Austin, TX

Whether you call it the motor, engine or power plant the engine is the source of energy for a vehicle. It’s what makes the wheels turn and the exhaust roar.

A properly maintained engine can rotate an average of 2000 times per minute for hundreds of thousands of miles. This is an amazing fact if you consider it.

There are hundreds of parts operating at high temperatures separated by only a thin coating of oil.

The concept is rather simple. A piston is acted upon by a force which drives a shaft creating energy which is then transferred to the wheels. To the driver, the key is turned and the car drives, but the process and sheer amount of parts involved is extremely complicated.
Building an engine is a very precise operation using precision tools. When choosing a supplier for a new engine, or choosing a shop to perform repairs on an engine, one must take into account the dedication to precision workmanship.

The engine consists of hundreds of individual precision parts. These parts are fitted together within a 1000th of an inch. Oil is forced in between the parts and it lubricates and protects the parts from contacting each other. For this reason, oil changes are the best investment you can make. Dirty oil contains small particles of dirt and metal which act as an abrasive. This abrasive action wears the parts much faster than necessary, requiring repair.

Due to improvements in technology, the tolerances in an engine are much tighter. A modern, properly maintained engine will last much longer than older engines, even though many parts are now made from aluminium. Aluminium is much lighter and it is being used more often. Thanks to lasers and robots, the aluminium parts can be assembled using a super thin film of sealer rather than gaskets.

The two enemies of the engine is loss of lubrication and overheating. Proper attention and maintenance to these areas will save many thousands in repair costs. The cooling system and oiling system must not be allowed to fail or engine damage will occur. Replacement of hoses and belts as a preventative measure and regular coolant flushes will take care of the cooling system. Regular oil and filter changes and leak repair will take care of the oiling system.

An engine is a very complicated machine requiring hundreds of special tools to service it. Engine repair should only be attempted by the highest trained technicians with years of training and experience. The potential for injury is great and comes in many forms. The sheer weight of the parts alone is enough to cause injury. Many experienced technicians bear the scars of past mistakes. People have been cut, lost fingers and eyes, been burned and some have been killed trying to tackle major auto repair. These types of repairs should be left to the professional.

Not all replacement engines are created equal. A low cost replacement engine is often-times assembled from used parts and the tolerances are too large and inconsistent. If engine replacement is necessary, it is always best to balance the cost and quality of the engine. If reliability and longevity is important, you should invest in the best engine you can afford.

A good quality replacement engine which is properly maintained will last as long as the original and provide years of trouble free service. The key is, as in everything else automotive; maintenance.